Are You Running a Business or a Hobby?

As a fellow entrepreneur, my question to you is…

are you building & growing a business or an expensive hobby?

See Your CHECKLIST at the END of this post!

For years I told myself I was a business owner, and in many ways I was, but the truth is I had a hobby, a very expensive hobby. Actually, I was operating my business as a hobby. I was certainly not spending my time or my money wisely.

I would take “this” program, and then try “this” thing… then I would take another program and try “that” thing, but I had no system in place, and I was constantly trying to create something new, and reinvent the wheel. I would get easily distracted by that shiny object then the other shiny object… I was always looking for the new thing that would make my business work better. I craved having a sustainable and scalable business.

I knew a ton, but did not know how to put all that I knew into a system and build a platform, to create a business where I was consistently building my list, reaching new people helping more people, and making more money!!

It wasn’t until I made a ruling decision to invest in myself, my business and a high end business coach that I became crystal clear on the seven items below, that I knew I finally had a bona fide leveraged & scalable business that can grow year year after year? AND the best part is, now I help other’s just like me do the same thing!!!

Want to chat with me about how you can create a leveraged and scalable business THE RIGHT WAY!!??!

Today, I know how to spend my days, I know which high impact, income producing, relationship building tasks to do, when to do them, and how much time to spend. and each of these tasks. AND I DON’T OVER WORK anymore!!!

I don’t waste time and money wondering what I should do today… I know what I need to do, how to do it, and whom I’m doing it for!

I’ve learned how to prioritize my day and be more productive than I ever have been before… psst, I will let you in on a little secret, check you inbox in a few weeks for a new productivity training!

Meanwhile, I have to ask you… Can you check everything off on this list?

If no, give me a shout… Let me help you make a plan, Okay??

Are you ready to FINALLY run a REAL Business that will generate business, new peeps to your list, and income for years to come?

Sweet, cuz I’m SO ready to help YOU!!!

Perhaps you’ll be like one on my clients who raised her prices in the first week of working with me, and said she felt more confident, and the money just started coming in, and nobody f’ing flinched at her new rate!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Looking forward to chatting with you so that you can turn the dial of your business up and in the right direction once and for all!!! It’s time money started flowing to you and you felt more confident in your business!!! YES… SAY it, HELL YES!!!

Run your business like a pro check list