Empty-Nester or Not, do the thing that makes you sing

After watching this short video (link here) (Watch but be sure to come back here to respond) I felt a wave of unbridled energy surging through my body…

In trying to identify this surge, I thought, am I pissed… well yes

Am I worried… well yes

Am I a little sad… yes

Am I a victim? Am I helpless? Will I let this keep me down … hell NO to all!

I have so many thoughts around this, like eating right, whole REAL food, local, fresh, organic as much as I can Drink more clean water, take my essential oils and supplements daily, they always make me feel better, and help me show up better, exercise… daily, whatever that looks like, just move! Bring more joy and fun to my life daily… be kind, be in service, gossip less, smile more.

I MUST be COMMITTED to my goals and dreams! I must Stop fucking wasting time!

I am 51 and an empty nester, but the truth is, NOW is my time!

IT does not matter how old you are, do the thing that makes you sing! NOW
My dreams are to help entrepreneurs create their dream businesses and lives!
My dream is to travel more, be an empty-nester-nomad, for a least part of the year!
My Dreams are To:
  • Create a kick ass Community of entrepreneurs who want to Keep it REAL with TRUTH-TELLING advice ONLY!
  • To continue to grow and learn about my industry to continue to grow build a kick ass business, and help you do the same!
  • To see my daughter in NYC more often.
  • To be fit, and energetic, and a positive influence on the world.
  • To make my spiritual practice my priority.
  • Spend more time doing the things I love.
  • Spend more times with friends that lift me up and I can lift them up!

What are your dreams and visions? How can I help you create them?

You can start by setting up a FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session by clicking the link below! Let’s do this together, and together we will both be creating our perfect lives and making a positive impact on the world!!!
Create your perfect life! You CAN! BUT…
NOBODY is going to do it for you! Stop waiting for the perfect time…
the time is NOW, because frankly, who knows how long we have!
Let’s DO THIS!
I can’t wait to help you! It’s going to be GREAT!!!